Ring Saw Blade (14″-16″)


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 The Ring Saw Blade exceeds the cutting capabilities of any other conventional blade on the market.

This blade is uniquely centerless and cuts up to 10″ deep. That is TWICE as deep as the conventional 14″ blades can cut. Undoubtedly, if you need to cut deep and efficiently through tough materials this blade will slice through hard concrete and re-bar FAST.

Don’t settle for less when you can cut through MORE!

Quality Level: Professional Grade  

Wet/Dry: Wet ONLY!

Medium/Hard Materials: Granite/Natural Stone/Cured Reinforced Concrete etc.

Equipment: Husqvarna Ring Saws K970, K970II, K970III, K3600 MKII

How to Use:  Do the pre-cut with the starter blade to get that initial cut. Then follow the cut and slowly plunge the ring saw blade into the cut by going back and forth and only ¼” per pass. Don’t stall the blade and be careful not to jam the blade in the cut.

Tips & Tricks: Included with each blade is a new drive wheel for your convenience. It is challenging to start this blade in the cut, so we came up with a 16 inch precut starter blade that allows you to make that initial cut.

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