Shredder Rescue / All Purpose Blade (4.5″, 7″, 14″)


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Ductile / Cast Iron / PVC  / Steel


Shredder/ Multi-Cut/ Rescue Blades live up to their name. Trusted by Municipalities, Fire and Police crews, Utility Contractors, Demolition Contractors and more…! It will cut through a wide variety of materials that you may encounter above or below ground. With its multi-cutting technology, fast-cutting ability, and abrasiveness it applies to a multitude of situations. This is extremely beneficial for those working in a fast-paced environment. These blades are one of the most versatile blades on the market, which is why it is the go-to blade for so many.

Some of these blades’ most common material cutting applications include but are not limited to: Ductile, Cast Iron, PVC, Steel, Concrete, and many more. What you can expect this blade to come with is a Carbide Side grit. The Carbide Side grit is a great addition to the blade because it will perform and execute with accuracy. For instance, it can be used to bevel and deburr a pipe for the perfect ­fit. Without hesitation, this blade will cut whatever materials it encounters and you will never have to worry about efficiency again.

The Shredder / Multi-Cut / Rescue Blade is not only faster but also safer to use than the typical abrasive blades and will outlast them 75 to 1.

More About The Shredder/Multi-Cut/Rescue:

Quality Level: Professional Grade

Medium/Hard Materials: Ductile/Cast Iron/PVC/Steel/Concrete etc.

Equipment: High Speed Saw

How to Use: Bring the blade up to full speed and come in contact with the material. Do not force the cut or use pressure to cut. This blade has multi-cutting technology, fast-cutting ability, and abrasiveness. Cut through a variety of materials that you encounter above and below ground. Keep the RPM of the saw constant and do not allow the blade to stall.

Tips & Tricks: This blade comes with a Carbide Side Grit, a great addition assisting in performance and accuracy. For instance, to bevel and deburr a pipe for the perfect ­fit.


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