NEW Wonder Blade – Premium Hard Concrete / Green Concrete (14″)


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NEW Wonder Blade

One Blade Does It All.

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One Blade Does It All.

The Wonder Blade cuts all masonry, stone, and concrete products.    

Now you can use one blade for multi material cutting applications.  Save time in blade changes and reduce your cutting costs. 

The Wonder Blade features our most innovative bond development.   It holds our premium diamond crystals suspended in the bond longer, keeping the blade exposed and extending its service life.  Better exposure keeps it cutting longer in tough cutting conditions.  

We then mixed turbo and regular segments to reduce the blade’s cutting resistance.  We found that the reduced resistance resulted in longer battery life on electric saws like the Duron and the Pace and then we added three undercut segments to protect the steel core when cutting in abrasive conditions.   

Soft/Hard Materials: Hard Pavers, Natural Stone, Reinforced Cured Concrete, Retaining Wall Block, Masonry Block, Green Concrete, Asphalt

Equipment: Hand Saws, High Speed Saws, Masonry Saws, Low HP Walk Behind Saws

How to Use: Always let the blade do the cutting by allowing the weight of the blade to push through. Using a light force, only go as fast as the blade allows.