Zig Zag – Hard Materials (4″-20″)


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The Zig Zag Blade is for the professional contractor who demands the highest quality at the lowest cost per cut. Our blade has cobalt matrix combined with high-quality diamonds, making it the obvious choice.

The Zig Zag cuts through hard materials such as brick, pavers, reinforced concrete, natural stone, and granite fast and efficiently. Additionally, the laser-welded turbo segments provide exceptional cutting speed with the hardest materials.

The strength and ability of this blade to cut through hard materials exceeds that of conventional blades. Professional users will notice the difference in the cutting speed and the smoothness of the cut through the material.

As one of our top selling blades for over 20 years, put your trust in the Zig Zag because you know that so many others have.

Name Game: Allied Diamond in Montreal manufactured a similar blade segment configuration for the stone industry. Neil referred to the design as a “Zig Zag” style segment. We picked up on the name, added the stylized lettering, and have been having fun with it ever since.

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Quality Level: Professional Grade


Hard Materials: Granite/Hard Pavers/Reinforced Concrete/Refractory/Hard Brick/Natural Stone


Equipment: High Speed Saws/Masonry Saws/Angle Grinders/Small Hand Saws

How to Use: Make sure that the blade is mounted securely on the saw, held in place by the blade flange. Making sure it is turning in the proper rotation is key.

Tips & Tricks: Always let the blade do the cutting and do not slow down the RPMs of the blade.


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