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          Asphalt / Green Concrete / Block

The MAX Asphalt cutting blade is for the craftsman who demands professional tool performance with a low initial cost.  The full radius undercut protection segments, dramatically improve service life.  They keep the blade’s steel center from eroding beneath the diamond segments when cutting abrasive materials.
Use on green concrete, asphalt and soft abrasive masonry materials like light weight concrete block.
Name Game:  Pepsi spent billions in the 1990’s promoting “Pepsi Max” so I jumped on the “Max” bandwagon to promote our newest blade with a higher segment.
Tip: It’s best to avoid “undercutting” job situations and to learn the proper technique to extend blade life.  Sometimes you have to cut below the material into the substrate to make sure that you can free the slab for easy removal.
When sawing, watch for your coolant water disappearing through the cut, which indicates that you’ve cut through the slab. You can also feel the sand being picked up by the blade and thrown back at you.  Adjust your blade depth and try to cut only 1/4″ through the slab. This is your optimum cutting depth.  If you go any deeper you’ll expose the steel core to extreme wear and reduce the service life of the blade.

 Asphalt, Green Concrete, Block High Speed Saws, Masonry Saws and Low HP Saws 



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