MAX – Concrete / Masonry (4″-20″)


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Here at Star Diamond, we are the leaders of innovation and are always finding ways to shake things up in our industry! MAX Concrete is one of our top sellers and for good reason.

The MAX Concrete / Masonry Blade lives up to its name with MAX-imum performance in most concrete and masonry materials. It cuts a wide range of construction materials like block, concrete, precast, and brick. With an exceptional service life and superior cutting ability, it will be the blade you can always count on.

Name Game: Pepsi spent billions in the 1990’s promoting “Pepsi Max” so, we were inspired to jump on the “MAX” bandwagon to promote our newest blade with a higher segment.

Quality Level: Professional Grade


Medium/Hard Materials: Cured Concrete/Med. Pavers/Med. Brick/Concrete Pipe/Limestone

Equipment: Hand Saws/High Speed Saws/Angle Grinders/Masonry Saws/Low HP Saws

How to Use: Always let the blade do the cutting by allowing the weight of the blade to push through. Using a light force, only go as fast as the blade allows.

Tips & Tricks: Make sure the blade is installed in the proper directional rotation. You can do this by looking for the arrow on the blade and installing it in that direction. It is important to secure it in place by tightening the flange and securing the blade onto the equipment.

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