Shark – Hard Materials (12″-20″)


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For HARD materials

The Shark Blade is our superior fast-cutting blade. The angled gullet design provides exceptional clearing of dust and debris, while the diamond segment features a soft matrix to cut through the hardest materials.

Some very hard materials that this blade will seamlessly cut through include natural stone, granite, pavers, and brick. It is designed to cut quickly and cleanly; everything will run smoothly while you’re on the job.

The Shark Blade is the first choice for stone and hardscape contractors because they trust that it will perform with power and last longer.

Quality Level: Professional Grade


Hard Materials: Natural Stone/Granite/Pavers/Brick etc.

Equipment: High Speed and Masonry Saws


Tips & Tricks:  As with any diamond blade, do not force it to cut. If you are cutting pavers in place, avoid keeping the blade out of the base material so that it does not wear the steel blade core before the diamond segments.

Name Game: We were inspired by the movie Jaws when naming The Shark Blade. The famous killer shark was fast and vicious, ripping through whatever was in its path. We imagine our blade cutting like the razor-sharp teeth of the monstrous horror icon.


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