Zio for Hard Materials



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Cut the Hardest Materials

Professional Turbo Blade for Hard Materials

Our new 14″ Zio Blade is the ultimate High Speed turbo blade for the cutting of extremely hard materials like Granite, Stone, Refractory, Brick, etc.

Operators will appreciated the super fast, chip free cutting of hard materials.  Our proprietary steel core prevents blade deflection and allows for straighter cutting even in extreme cutting applications. The Raised Hub provides a solid connection to the tool eliminating vibration and dampening noise.

Zio turbo blades are also available in 4″ – 10″ sizes for artisans who know the difference quality tools make in their work.

Name Game: In the Italian culture a “Zio” (uncle) plays a very important role in the community.  A Zio is a mentor who you can depend on and who will always have your back.  I have named this blade to honour my Great Uncle Baldo, a Vatican trained mosaic and tile artisan who practiced his art across Ontario in many churches and was one of the founders of Colautti Brothers in Windsor Ontario.

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