Thin Rim Core Slabbing Blade (14″)


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The Thin Rim Mining Blade is one of the thinnest core slabbing blades on the market, allowing for more of the core sample to be saved. Unlike the Standard .125” width core slabbing diamond blades, our proprietary manufacturing process allows us to produce a more effective core slabbing blade.

Our diamond blade has an astonishingly thin .085” wide diamond segment, laser welded to a rigid steel core. Cutting with enhanced precision, the 32% kerf difference equals a 4% increase in the recovered core sample.

You can ensure that this diamond blade will have a long-lasting service life. It is designed with segments that have a high concentration of diamond in order to cut through hard quartz formations without wearing down quickly.

This blade gives you MORE core… so what’s that worth to you?

Quality Level: Professional Grade

Wet/Dry: Wet use ONLY

Hard Materials: Hard Geological Core Samples

Equipment: 14” Core Slabbing Saw

How to Use: This blade is meant to be used WET on a stationary core slabbing saw. It has a thin gullet design making it much safer to use than Standard blades. This design allows operators to get closer to the blade without putting themselves in a hazardous situation. They can guide the core carefully through the blade while avoiding finger injuries.

Tips & Tricks: Let the blade do the cutting and do not slow down the RPM of the saw as it cuts the core. That can cause breaking or crumbling, reducing the amount of the sample you get.


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