Glass Tile (7″-10″)


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Chip Free Cutting


Our Glass Tile Blade is ultra-sharp and soft-bonded, preventing the chipping of edges when working with delicate glass tile. Made from high grade, fine grit diamond powder with a proprietary bond. It is specifically engineered for maximum cutting performance.

Quality Level: Professional Grade

Wet/Dry: Wet Use ONLY

Materials: Glass Tiles/Glass Mosaics

Equipment: Wet Tile Saws



How to Use:

  • Make sure that you have chosen the proper blade for the application.
  • Assure that the saw blade flange, shaft and guard are in good condition. Check your manufacturer’s user guide for safety precautions.
  • Mount the blade in the proper rotation. Check for an arrow on the saw blade or look at the diamond segment to determine the direction. The diamond in the matrix appears as a “comet” with a diamond head and a “tail” following behind. The direction of the blade follows the “comet”.
  • When cutting through a slab, make sure that you clear the blade from the cut before the slab shifts. If not, you could pinch the blade between the slabs immediately inhibiting the blade and possibly tearing away segments.
  • To remove the blade, cut it free from the slab using another blade instead of pulling it out or risk bending the core.


Tips & Tricks: Glass Tile is extremely brittle and the edges can easily crack or chip. For nice chip free edges, apply masking tape on the surface of the material and draw your cut line cutting slowly. The tape will help to keep the edges smooth and you now have a line to follow. Do not try to cut through on one pass or dry cut, it will ruin your material. Only cut on the top surface and not from the back, it will create uneven edges on the top surface. You can easily dress the blade on a special white fine-grained abrasive stone.


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