PCD Cups


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Comes with a 5/8″-11 Thread Adapter. Remove Glues, Epoxy and Sticky Coatings

Here at Star Diamond we proudly supply a wide variety of tools for all of your grinding needs. These PCD cups are uniquely manufactured with mining-grade Polycrystalline diamond segments. This makes them the ideal tool for removing those tough, thick coatings on concrete surfaces.

Unlike conventional diamond cups which will not grind the surface coatings quickly enough, our PCD cups will get the job done efficiently. There is nothing worse than having to worry about working with frustrating clogging when stripping sticky coatings. Our Polycrystalline PCD cups are extraordinarily abrasive, resistant, and much easier to work with.

These professional grade PCD cups will exceed your expectations in more ways than one!

Quality Level: Professional Grade


Materials: Mastics/Glue/Epoxies/paint etc.

Equipment: Angle Grinders

How to Use: PCDs will scratch the floor, so make sure that you grind first in an inconspicuous area to inspect the results on the floor.

Tips & Tricks: Keep the cup level with the floor and pay attention to the removal of the coatings to see if the cup is level and the pressure is right. Work from the edges of the coating to keep the removal consistent.

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