Big Red 20 Grit


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The Big Red (20 Grit) cup features distinctive “S” shaped Segments with 20 Grit diamonds for a FAST performance. The S shape provides more leading edges for more exposed diamonds and provides a better bonding profile than standard 30/40 Grit diamond cup wheels.

Expect FAST, aggressive removal of tough and abrasive materials.

The Big Red will perform well on jobs that tackle surface prep, coating removal and repair. So, the versatile functionality makes it a great tool to have on the job.

Quality Level: Professional Grade 


Materials: Remove Coatings/Sealers/Adhesives

Equipment: Angle Grinder

How to Use:

  • Choose the correct specification and diameter for your application.
  • If the cup is non-threaded, it comes with a 7/8” arbor hole and a press fitted 7/8”-5/8” brass bushing. This allows the grinder’s lock nut retainers to hold the cup in place.
  • Always review the manual for safe mounting procedures. Assure that the grinder flange is clean and free of burrs so that the cup seats the flush.
  • Maintain the RPMs of the grinder and do not force the cup. For a smooth finish, keep it moving in a steady motion over the floor to avoid gouging.
  • Make sure the grinder is functional. A bent spindle or dirty flanges will cause the cup to wobble.
  • Check the bearings on the grinder and see if the segments wore unevenly. Even if a grinder bearing is out of round, a diamond cup will wear to that angle and will grind successfully.


Tips & Tricks:

This cup is very aggressive so keep the pressure light and the cup moving on the floor. Some cup wheels have threaded mounting holes. Threaded cups allow a higher cup profile and will not fit under some dust shrouds. Dust shrouds must have an opening of approximately 1/8” between the floor and shroud. Too wide of a gap will reduce the vacuum’s power.

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