Ceramic Easy Edge Polishing Cups


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The Boride Easy Edge ceramics saves a substantial amount of time when completing edge work that can be frustrating. As well as being lightweight and easy to use, it can polish in more condensed spaces. The Easy Edge is a revolutionary design that improves the quality of edge work dramatically. It features an aggressive grind with a clean finish that blends well. So, it reduces the gouging and scratches that metal cup wheels create.

These ceramic tools for edging and polishing can be used on any Grinder with no need for variable speed control.

Available in 30-400 Grit and we carry 5” and 7” in stock.

Quality Level: Professional Grade   


Materials: Concrete Polishing & Honing.

Equipment: Angle Grinder

How to Use:

  • Choose the correct specification and diameter for your application.
  • If the cup is non-threaded, it comes with a 7/8” arbor hole and a press fitted 7/8”-5/8” brass bushing. This allows the grinder’s lock nut retainers to hold the cup in place.
  • Always review the manual for safe mounting procedures. Assure that the grinder flange is clean and free of burrs so that the cup seats the flush.
  • Maintain the RPMs of the grinder and do not force the cup. For a smooth finish, keep it moving in a steady motion over the floor to avoid gouging.
  • Make sure the grinder is functional. A bent spindle or dirty flanges will cause the cup to wobble.
  • Check the bearings on the grinder and see if the segments wore unevenly. Even if a grinder bearing is out of round, a diamond cup will wear to that angle and will grind successfully.


Tips & Tricks:

It has a quick mounting system and can be run on most hand held grinders as well as stand up edgers with 5/8-11 thread. A ceramic cup reacts differently than a metal bonded cup because the ceramic bond holds the diamonds in longer. It reacts more as a polishing tool than a cutter. So, remember not to force the cup or else the diamond points will break off, causing the tool to slow down.

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