Pro Swirly Cups


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Flat Grinding with Less Swirl Marks

The Swirly Cup features angled diamond segments, providing a wider grinding pattern. This reduces the swirl marks created by single and double row cups.

These Swirly Cups feature a high diamond concentration segment balanced on a steel body for a longer service life. Smooth and fast concrete grinding without deep gouges.

Available in most sizes with threaded or non-threaded arbors.

Quality Level: Professional Grade, 30-40 Grit


Materials: Cured Concrete/Granite/Masonry/Natural Stone

Equipment: Angle Grinder

How to Use:

  • Choose the correct specification and diameter for your application.
  • If the cup is non-threaded, it comes with a 7/8” arbor hole and a press fitted 7/8”-5/8” brass bushing. This allows the grinder’s lock nut retainers to hold the cup in place.
  • Always review the manual for safe mounting procedures. Assure that the grinder flange is clean and free of burrs so that the cup seats the flush.
  • Maintain the RPMs of the grinder and do not force the cup. For a smooth finish, keep it moving in a steady motion over the floor to avoid gouging.
  • Make sure the grinder is functional. A bent spindle or dirty flanges will cause the cup to wobble.
  • Check the bearings on the grinder and see if the segments wore unevenly. Even if a grinder bearing is out of round, a diamond cup will wear to that angle and will grind successfully.


Tips & Tricks: Some cup wheels have threaded mounting holes. Threaded cups allow a higher cup profile and will not fit under some dust shrouds. Dust shrouds must have an opening of approximately 1/8” between the floor and shroud. Too wide of a gap will reduce the vacuum’s power.

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