10″ Grinding Disc


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Choose From 10 or 20 Segment

10″ Grinding Head

10″ Grinding head discs are designed to remove hard epoxies some coatings as well as grinding down rough cured concrete floors, feathering uneven joints or grinding down trip hazards.

Each plate has a universal bolt hole pattern and will work on the majority of all grinding machines.

The 10 segment disc provides quick removal rates with a rougher finish. The 20 segment disc provides a smoother finish and longer life.

Use the Green Concrete bond for longer life on new concrete projects. Use on rainouts or when grinding abrasive concrete coatings.

IS THIS PRODUCT RIGHT FOR YOU These Grinding Heads mount on standard 10″ concrete grinders (crete mowers). Always check the concrete to determine if it well cured or still green (under 2 months old). On materials that you are not familiar with, always grind a test patch to determine the type of tooling required and determine productivity. These discs can grind very aggressively. Be aware of the tool marks they leave and do not use on floors that require a scratch free surface.

Pro Tip: Always check to make sure the diamond segments are wearing evenly on the plate. If your segment wear is uneven, from side to side, remove the plate from the machine and rotate it 180 degrees and re-install it every 4 hours. You’ll find production will improve with even contact pressure. Change the bearings if the segment wear becomes too severe.

Quality: Professional Grade

Wet or Dry:

Materials: Available in Cured Concrete & Green Concrete Specs

Equipment: Floor Grinders that take 10″ bolt on Grinding Heads

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