The Titan – Porcelain Tile (4″-14″)


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The Titan Porcelain Tile Blade is embedded with a heavy concentration of diamond and an ultra-thin alloy steel core. This combination provides the most efficiently smooth and chip-free cutting. It is the ultimate blade for medium to hard materials such as porcelain, granite, marble, and ceramic. Can be used Wet or Dry.

Quality Level: Professional Grade


Medium/Hard Materials: Porcelain/Natural Stone/Ceramic Tile/Marble

Equipment: Angle Grinder

Tips & Tricks:  When cutting, make sure that you do not force the blade. Let the weight of the grinder provide the cutting pressure. Always start out by making a shallow initial cut to create a guide for the blade to follow. Do not try to cut through on one pass or it will ruin your material. For chip-free edges, apply masking tape on the top surface of the material and draw your cut line. Follow the line and only cut on the surface, not from the back.

Name Game: Nothing could be a better name than The Titan for this blade. When we introduced it, the standard diamond rim height for a tile blade was 6mm high BUT this rim is 10mm high… so we named it after the powerful giants in Greek mythology–the Titans.

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