Trio Combo – Concrete/Asphalt (12″-20″)


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The Trio Combination Blade cuts a wide range of construction materials and is a versatile blade. Many operators prefer to have one blade that they keep on their saw. Not only does the Trio save time, but it also reduces the need to have multiple blades that cut different materials. This reduces the downtime caused by locating the correct blade and reinstalling it.

When cutting abrasive materials, the full radius diamond undercut segments protect the steel core from wearing down by breaking up the stream of cuttings, eliminating the under cutting process, and in turn keeping the segments on the blade longer. The full radius undercut protection segments dramatically improves the service life of this blade.

Name Game: There is a multi-purpose blade on the market with the name Duo. We thought, why not up the game! We named this blade the “Trio” for the “three saws” that this blade goes on (Low HP, High Speed, and Masonry saws).

Quality Level: Professional Grade 


Medium/Hard Materials: Cured Concrete/Medium Pavers/Medium Brick/Concrete Pipe/Limestone/Asphalt/Green Concrete/Block

Equipment: Masonry Saws/Low HP Saws/High-Speed Saws



How to Use: 

Make that the Trio Combination Blade is mounted in the proper rotation. If you put the blade on opposite to the directional arrow you may experience slower cutting or a vibration at first until the diamond is exposed on the opposite side.

When sawing, watch for the indication that you’ve cut through the slab. The sign that you’ve cut through is when your coolant water starts to disappear through the cut or when the sand is being picked up by the blade and thrown back in your direction.

When this happens, adjust your blade depth and try to cut only 1/4″ of the way through. This is your optimum cutting depth; going any deeper will expose the steel core to extreme wear and reduce its service life.

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