Star Segment Cups


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Using our Signature logo, Star Diamond presents our unparalleled Star Segment Cups. These cups have an ideal design for grinding floors fast which is a great asset when doing concrete surface preparation. Especially when working with tough trowelled surfaces, these cups work efficiently to break through the hard cap, leaving a smoother finish.

Consider the geometric shape of a grinding cup wheel as one of the most important factors that determine its grinding performance. The Star shape is a design that improves the capacity of grinding, cutting removal, and friction reduction. Therefore, the grinding tool’s unique shape results in a greater range of improvements. For instance, these include reducing energy consumption and better overall performance.

Normally, when the materials and cutting come into contact with a leading-edge it wears and exposes the diamonds behind it.

Our Star shape has TWICE the amount of leading edges than any other Segment shape allowing for a higher wear rate.

Shoot for the Stars with Star Segment Cups!

Quality Level: Professional Grade


Materials:  Hard Concrete/Trowelled Surfaces

Equipment: Angle Grinders

Tips & Tricks: For the best results, keep the grinder flat on the surface and allow the cup to do its work. Do not slow down the RPMs of the grinder and do not apply too much pressure.


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