EDCO 9″ Magna-Trap TL-9



The EDCO 9” Magna-Trap TL-9 is a direct drive grinder that features a combination of power and simplicity.

It operates on 100 V, 15-amp residential power. Since it is a high-speed grinder that turns at 1680 RPMs, this makes it a great replacement for a hand grinder. Supporting a variety of applications, you can use it to work in compact areas and complete the job fast and efficiently. The 1.5 HP motor provides enough power to resurface 300-400 square feet per hour.

The 110-Volt grinder is maintenance free. There are no parts to service and no belts to replace. Weighing only 94 lbs, it is not only light-weight but also compact with a folding handle that makes for easy transport.

The EDCO 9” Magna-Trap TL-9 includes a built-in vacuum port. Control harmful silica dust by attaching it to a HEPA vacuum and keeping your work area clean and safe.

The diamond and PCD tooling simply slide on and off so they are easy to put on and remove. For removing hard industrial coatings, there is a wide range of tooling available for various grinding applications, from PCDs to diamond segments.

Application: Edger/Polisher/Surface Prep

Features: 100 V, 15-amp/1.5 HP Motor/High-Speed/Light-Weight & Compact