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Husqvarna Crushed PCDs create a much smoother scratch pattern than the standard PCD tooling. This tooling is ideal for removing glues, epoxies, adhesives, paints, coatings, and mastics, as well as general purpose concrete grinding. This type of tooling produces a finish that is similar to a shot blast texture.

Using this tool is critical when polishing a floor or installing a thin membrane. The deep scratches that are created when using standard PCDs are almost impossible to grind out. Our Crushed PCDs that are made for Husqvarna solve that problem, making it a One Step Prep. This tooling is designed to remove coatings over smooth or troweled surfaces (30 mils or less). With a concrete surface profile of 4, the material being worked on will not be damaged.

Starting with our Medium metal segment matrix, 20 Grit Crushed PCD chips and HUGE 6 Grit diamonds are then mixed in. The segment is cast with bumps on the top of the segment to make sure it opens up quickly when in contact with the floor. The diamond segment acts as a stabilizer and depth guide to reduce the gouging of the floor caused by the aggressive PCD chips.

Polycrystalline diamond (PCD) is a synthetic diamond produced through a unique sintering process. It is an extremely abrasive resistant material, featuring randomly oriented diamond crystals bonded to a sub-stratum of tungsten carbide.

Name Game

For this line of tooling, we chose the colour PINK for two reasons. First of all, we are invested in helping to spread awareness for Breast Cancer research. Secondly, because pink is such an outrageous colour, we wanted to set ourselves apart from the rest so that you’ll always be able to identify our innovative tooling when you need the proper tools for the job at hand.

Quality Level: Professional Grade, Star Diamond Exclusive


Materials: Concrete/Glue/Epoxies/Paint/Sealer/Adhesives

Equipment: Floor Grinders

Huge 6 Grit Diamond!


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