Professional Wet Core Bits


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Goes Through Heavily Reinforced Concrete FAST

Our Wet Core Bits feature double laser welded turbo segments with an aggressive bond. This makes for fast drilling of hard materials such as heavily reinforced concrete and stone. Additionally, the double laser welded feature provides the extra strength necessary to prevent core drilling accidents.

These professional quality core bits have a standard 16” length and a 14” effective drilling depth. Also, they have threaded built in adaptors able to fit onto various core rig designs.

For the professional sawing and drilling market cutting speed, steel penetration, and cost per/inch are critical. We offer the highest quality wet core bits for the most efficiency at the lowest prices.

For unique projects, we offer custom core bits of various lengths and diameters.

Quality Level: Professional Grade

Wet/Dry: Wet ONLY   

Med/Hard Materials: Reinforced Concrete/Brick/Block/Natural Stone/Granite

Equipment: Hand-Held Core Drills, Rig Mounted Coring Rigs

Tips & Tricks: When you lower the diamond concentration and harden the bond, the bits will not drill rebar efficiently and will stop drilling. When this happens, you can lose segments causing the tool to perform poorly. Our core bits feature the highest diamond concentration and will drill through hard materials—choose quality.


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