Turbo Rim Cup


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Provides the Smoothest Finish

The Turbo Rim cup performs with professional grade durability and smoothness. It has a solid diamond segment as well as a narrow segment design. Therefore, the design itself gives this cup wheel a unique touch in terms of the overall performance.

It allows for the most surface contact while producing the smoothest finish. In turn, it performs exceedingly well at producing a smooth finish with medium to hard materials. These materials include cured concrete, granite, natural stone and more.

The Turbo Rim cup is extremely durable because of the high diamond concentration segment. Balancing on a steel body, this proves to be the ultimate combination for an ultra long-lasting wheel life.

Quality Level: Professional Grade


Med/Hard Materials: Natural stone/Cured Concrete/Granite

Equipment: Angle Grinders

How to Use:  It is suggested to grind a test patch in an inconspicuous area in order to see if you are satisfied with the finish before starting the job. When you are satisfied with the surface, be sure to always hold the cup flat to the surface and let the tool grind freely to avoid putting any divots in the concrete.

Tips & Tricks: Use the fine grit for the best results when sacking and finishing materials such as concrete walls.

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