Scanmaskin 32″ World Series


Scanmaskin 32″ World Series, 3 head planetary grinder. 460V, 3 Phase.

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The Scanmaskin 32″ World Series is the largest in its line with a 32 inch (800mm) grinding head. This grinder has a casted machine house, which gives long durability while maintaining a dust-free operation. Designed to service, the machine has three screws to access the entire machine house and comes equipped with a new tool head.

The wheels on the Scanmaskin 32 World Series are 14.5 inches (370 mm) and can disengage for manual operation. The front and rear wheels are adjustable, allowing an increase or decrease in the grinding pressure. The machine is available in radio control and smart display version. The smart display provides real-time feedback on tooling wear and operational speed. The radio controls allow the operator to make accurate adjustments while maintaining consistent production.

These advantages make this grinder one of the fastest and most efficient grinding machines on the market. This machine maximizes production hours and minimizes maintenance time.

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