EDCO Magna-Trap 2D-HDE


EDCO Heavy Duty Floor Grinder 2D-HDE

Model Part # Power Horse Power Phase Amps RPMS Dimensions
2EC-NG-1.5 59200 Electric 1.5HP,115/230V Single 16/8 231 46″x27″x37″
2GC-NG-11H 59300 Gasoline 11 HP N/A N/A 562 46″x27x”37″

Heavy Duty Magna-Trap 2D-HDE Floor Grinder!


The Magna-Trap 2D-HDE is Ideal for:

  • Production grinding and floor cleaning on large or small surface areas such as airports, warehouses, parking decks, manufacturing plants, malls and sports arenas.
  • Light grinding, as well as, cleaning of concrete surfaces.
  • Levelling uneven joints.
  • Removing mastics, thin-set, high spots, epoxies and urethanes.
  • Lightly texturing slippery concrete surfaces.



  • No more wooden wedges with EDCO’s NEW Slide-On Accessories.
  • Using EDCO’s Leveling System you can adjust the machine’s height and use a wide range of accessories, while truly grinding level.
  • Level grinding is quicker, smoother, easier on the operator while increasing accessory life.
  • This new heavy-duty Velcro Dust Shroud makes dust prevention easier. Readjust the shroud according to the height of the accessory in use.
  • NEW Laser-Cut Weight Tray: This built-in weight tray accepts up to 80lbs. of extra weight!
  • Multi-Vac port for use with 2″ or 3″ vacuum hose.
  • 22″ working width will grind approximately 400-500 sq. ft. per hour at 1/32″ with EDCO Dyma-Serts.
  • Gas. as well as, electric power options available.
  • Includes 2 magnetic multi-accessory discs, which accept Dyma-Serts, Strip-Serts and all other wedge-less grinder accessories.
  • Counter-rotating discs prevent the machine from pulling side to side and give the operator greater control.
  • 6 grinding accessories are required per loading.

Check Out this grinder in action! Click here

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