New Grind / Rhino


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We have developed our own exclusive line of professional diamond and PCD tooling specifically designed for your New Grind/Rhino Grinder. Now you can choose from a wide variety of tooling from a Canadian vendor that will fit your grinder, exceeding the tooling performance you are currently experiencing.

When you need technical advice, just call us. We have local stock of our Pink products in Vancouver! Call us when you need technical advice! Featuring a complete line of custom metal bonds and PCD tooling that we’d like you to try. Provides a 15mm high diamond segment for extended service life.

We are a privately owned Canadian company and working hard for our customers…just like you do.

Name Game: We chose the name Pink for two reasons. During Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the pink ribbon logo is prominently displayed. We wanted to name and colour code this like Pink to spread awareness and raise funds for Breast Cancer research. Secondly, because Pink is such an outrageous colour it sets ourselves apart from our competitors and makes our brand easily identifiable

Pink tools are engraved to identify Part #, Grit, and Bond.

Quality Level: Professional Grade


Equipment: New Grind / Rhino Grinders

Questions or concerns? Volume discounts available! Feel free to call or email!