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Coating Removal Tool

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FASTEST Removal of Coatings


Remove Nasty, Gummy, Gooey, Hard & Impossible Coatings

The Diamabrush Coating Removal Hand Tool (available in 4.5” and 7” diameter sizes) is the ideal solution for removing mastics, adhesives, epoxies and urethanes, thin-sets, paints and other gummy coatings from concrete floors as well as brick, block, stone and metal walls.

This tool is used with any standard angle grinder to remove gummy mastics carpet glues, epoxies etc.up to 10 times faster than using PCD or diamond cups.

The unique diamond abrasive technology eliminates the need for chemicals entirely and prevents carmelizing or clogging of the tool.

  • Professional Grade Quality
  • Equipment: Angle Grinder

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