Try Before You Buy

Test Drive an EDCO

Before committing to buying a piece of surface prep equipment for your company, wouldn’t it be nice to try it out first?

You’d test drive a truck before you bought it…right?
At Star Diamond Tools, we understand your need to “kick the tires” before making the investment. If you are considering purchasing a new piece of surface prep equipment, please allow us to offer you an EDCO machine to test drive.
Just give us a call, and we’ll match you up with one of our EDCO rental dealers and the machine of your dreams. Rent the EDCO machine and put it through its paces and experience the rock solid performance firsthand. If you decide to make the purchase, just give us a call to place your order and we’ll credit the first day’s rental cost from your purchase price.


Your decision to buy EDCO equipment increases your productivity and has never been easier, convenient or affordable.

Try Before You Buy EDCO

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Star Diamond Tools is the
Exclusive EDCO Dealer in Canada