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Top 10 Products

We asked ourselves what our top 10 time- and money-saving tools are, and came up with this list. It includes tools and equipment used in a tremendous variety of industries, from mining to landscaping. What each list item delivers is a boosted efficiency on job sites, and noticeably higher profit margins on projects.

MAX Concrete

Cut Cured Concrete and Masonry

MAX Asphalt

Cut Asphalt / Green Concrete / Block

Trio Combo

Cuts through concrete, brick, asphalt and block.


Built for Speed

Big Red 20 Grit


DG-150 Cup

Top Quality

Wet Core Bits

Goes Through Heavily Reinforced Concrete FAST

Ceramic Edge Polishing Pads

Revolutionary design that improves the quality of edge work

10″ Grinder

Remove hard epoxies, some coatings as well as grinding down rough cured concrete floors, feathering uneven joints or grinding down trip hazards.


The Professional’s Choice for Hard Material