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Concrete Scarifier

Are You Looking At The Right Concrete Scarifier For The Job?


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  Ideal For:

  • Aggressive removal of material
  • Production scarification
  • Heavy coatings removal

EDCO Crete-Planers™ 10″ CPU-10

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  • Parking deck and road repairs
  • Factory floor preparation or cleaning
  • Repairing mall floors

EDCO Crete-Planer Scarifier CPM-8

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U$5,118.59  #79300, 9 HP Honda, with Carbides, FOB Factory


EDCO Crete-Planers™ 8″ SCARI LITE

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 Model Part # Power Horse Power Phase Amps RPMS Dimensions CPL-8-1.5L 69300 Electric 1.5HP, 110V Single N/A 1100 31″x19″x42.5″ CPL-8-5.5H 69500 Gasoline 5.5HP NA NA 2200 31″x19″x42.5″ 8″ working width will scarify approximately 175-250 sq. ft. per hour at a Depth of 1/32″ Per Pass 8-Inch, 6-Shaft drum accepts carbide and steel cutters Etch the…