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Core Bits

Are You Looking At The Right Core Bit For The Job?

concrete and asphalt cutting and drilling title
grinding, stripping, and scrapping application title
masonry, tile and hardscape cutting application
surface and marking removal application method
surface cleaning and finishing title
surface leveling title
surface texturing and grooving title
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Core Bit Accessories

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Precision Machined Core Bit Accessories

Core Bit Tube Extensions

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Core Bit Tube Extensions are 12″ long and screw directly onto the Zig Zag Wet Core bits to extend effective drilling depth to allow for continuous drilling.  This is also much more efficient than getting core bits manufactured to custom lengths.

Dry Diamond Core Bits

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Great For Making Holes Through Block

Dry Stone & Tile

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Drill Through Stone & Porcelain Tile


Wet Core Bits

Wet Core Bits

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Goes Through Heavily Reinforced Concrete FAST