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A professional general purpose blade that cuts through concrete, brick, asphalt and block. Full radius diamond undercut segments protect the steel core from wearing when cutting abrasive materials. Cooling holes in the steel core prevents blade overheating and clears the cuttings.

Asphalt and concrete applications are where customers find exceptional value particularly on Low HP walk behind and High Speed Saws.

Also great for Masonry applications cutting medium hard brick and block.

A blade that does it all and eliminates blade changes when cutting different materials.

Note: If you are cutting strictly concrete or asphalt please use our cured concrete or asphalt blades for best results.



Wet or Dry:      

Medium & Soft / Abrasive Materials:  Cured Concrete, Med. Pavers, Med. Brick, Concrete Pipe, Limestone, Asphalt, Green Concrete, Block

Equipment: High Speed, Masonry and Low HP Saws 


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