Thin Rim Mining Blade

  • USD$346.50
  • Save USD$148.50
  • SKU: STA-10350


Stop Throwing Core Down the Drain

Faster  Cutting of HARD Core Samples

We have developed a revolutionary new 14” Diamond Core Slabbing Blade.

Our exclusive manufacturing process allows us to double laser weld an ultra-thin diamond segment onto a high quality steel core. Making this blade cut straighter, faster, and last longer cutting VERY HARD core samples.

The Standard blade is .125" compared to the Thin Rim Mining blade at .085"

And because it is 32% thinner, it cuts faster and you get MORE Core !

“The value of the extra core sample you get, far exceeds the cost of the blade”…JMB

“The Thin Rim Mining Blade is by far the best blade we have ever used.  It cuts five times faster and you only lose a minimal amount of core. "   Rick Kasum - Ascot Resources


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