Multi-Cut Blade

  • USD$255.50
  • Save USD$109.50
  • SKU: STA-87121

The Multi-Cut is NOT your average Diamond Blade

 It is made up of a coating of industrial diamond that is “vacuum brazed” onto the steel core and carbide side grit. This makes the diamond section always sharp and ready to cut. This blade was originally designed for Fire, Rescue and Law Enforcement agencies that need to cut their way into places FAST.

The construction industry uses it to cut PVC, Cast Iron, Ductile pipes, bundles of rebar, metal studs, tree roots, concrete, masonry, wood pallets, roofing material, etc.

This blade will ANYTHING you put in front of it.

It is not meant to replace concrete or masonry type diamond blades, for the life is considerably shorter, but it is a blade that will cut until it is worn out.

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