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Asphalt & Green Concrete

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BIG on PERFORMANCE...small on price

This blade is our "better" quality range and is designed for the contractor who wants a professional quality blade but doesn't need the best.  It features a 10mm high diamond segment and wear resistant undercut protection segments to protect the steel core from wearing in asphalt, green concrete or cinder blocks.

Is This the Right Blade for YOU ?  Experienced operators like this blade because it has a good diamond concentration which keeps it cutting fast and gives it increased the service life. This blade is a good value and gives you more cuts / $.

Pro Tip: When cutting abrasive materials like asphalt or green concrete, cuttings are distributed outward through centrifugal force and get trapped under the wider diamond segment.  This causes a groove to wear in the steel core under the segment.  Eventually the core will wear to a knifepoint and the segment will not have a “seat” on the blade and come off.  This is caused by cutting very abrasive materials or by having the blade cut below the material into the abrasive substrate. Undercut protection segments break up and disrupt the “stream” of fines by dispersing them and preventing a groove from developing in the core. 


Wet or Dry:      

Soft & Abrasive Materials: Asphalt, Green Concrete, Block

Equipment: High Speed, Masonry, and Low HP walk behind Saws 


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