EDCO Four-Disc Floor Grinder

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 Model Part # Power Horse Power Phase Amps RPMS Dimensions
4EC-5B 53600 Electric 5 HP, 230 V Single 19.5 334 49"x40"x41"
4GC-11H 51500 Gasoline 11 HP  N/A N/A 407 49"x40"x41"
4GCP-13P 54400 Propane 13HP,115V Starter N/A N/A 407 49"x40"x41"


EDCO Grinders - Proven in over 50 years of use. Accept no substitute!

  • 36" working width with 4 sq. ft. of surface contact
  • Gas, electric or propane power sources available
  • Includes 4 multi-accessory discs that accept Dyma-Serts, Strip-Serts and all other grinder accessories
  • 3" Vacuum port and water port
  • 4 counter rotating discs are double neoprene mounted for smooth, even action
  • 12 grinding accessories required per loading
  • Fast controlled grinding for larger areas

Ideal for:

  • Production grinding and floor cleaning on large slab surfaces such as airports, warehouses, parking decks, manufacturing plants, malls and sports arenas
  • Light grinding or cleaning of concrete surfaces
  • Leveling uneven joints
  • Removing mastics, thin-set, high spots, epoxies and urethanes
  • Lightly texturing slippery concrete surfaces

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