EDCO 30" Power Trowels

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Rugged, dependable EDCO Power Trowels save contractors time, labor and money.

  • Rigid All-Steel unibody handle & frame construction built for years of maintenance-free service
  • High strength steel handle for maximum comfort and control
  • Cast-Iron Spiders, pressure plates and lift levers for long wear and continuous service
  • Precision machined trowel arms and spiders, no bushings needed
  • Bolt-on blades are standard on EDCO power trowels
  • Standard aluminum lifting bar assists when loading & unloading the power trowel. Standard lifting bail can also assist.
  • Optional Level-It System available for all models, all cables are contained within round-tube handle design


Producing high tolerance concrete floors


T-304-RS-1.5 (30" POWER TROWEL)
Part# C85100 Power Electric Reduced Horse Power 1.5 HP, 115/230 Volt
Phase Single AMPS 13.4 / 6.7 *RPM 65
Length 67" Width 31" Height 39"
Weight 168 lbs Belts Std "V" Belts
T-304-VS-2 (30" POWER TROWEL)
Part# C84100 Power Electric Reduced Horse Power 2 HP, 230 Volt
Phase Single AMPS 9.5 *RPM 0-88
Length 67" Width 31" Height 39"
Weight 176 lbs Belts Std "V" Belts
T-304B-RS-5.5H (30" POWER TROWEL)
Part# 85700 Power Gasoline Reduced **Horse Power 5.5 HP
Phase N/A AMPS N/A *RPM 70
Length 67" Width 31" Height 39"
Weight 160 lbs Belts Std "V" Belts

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