Titan Porcelain Tile



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Chip Free Cutting of Porcelain & Ceramic Tile

Titan, the ultimate tile blade for Porcelain, Granite, Marble and Ceramic. For the professional stone / tile installer who wants one blade for all applications. This blade features a heavy concentration of diamond and provides fast and chip free cutting of very hard Porcelain and Ceramic Tiles and other hard materials like natural stone and refractory brick.

Use on grinders, small saws and masonry / tile saws.

Name Game: We were introducing a new tile blade and decided on a 10″ tile blade that featured a 10mm high diamond rim.   At that time the competition was offering a 5 or 6mm high diamond rim on their tile blades. By introducing a tile blade with a HUGE 10mm rim height we had to give it a descriptive name and we chose the name Titan.

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Quality Level: Professional Grade

Wet / Dry:     

Medium to Hard Materials: Porcelain, Natural Stones, Ceramic Tiles, Marble

Equipment: Tile Saw, Masonry Saw, Skil Saw, Angle Grinder

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