Dry Stone & Tile Diamond Bits


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Drill Through Stone & Porcelain Tile

Our Dry Stone and Tile Coring Bits feature a thin rim turbo style segment for fast and accurate drilling of hard materials such as natural stone, porcelain tile, and concrete. Dry use ONLY.

Quality: Professional Grade

Wet/Dry: Dry Use ONLY

Hard Materials: Porcelain/Ceramic Tile/Marble/Granite

Equipment: Hand Held Cordless Drill

Tips & Tricks: Included on the bit is a built-in 1/2” shank and a removable pilot bit. The 1/2” shank will fit directly onto a cordless drill for easy use. The pilot bit should be removed when drilling, for it may crack hard materials like porcelain or granite tiles. We suggest making a template out of cardboard and using it to start the hole. It will keep the bit from “skittering” across the material and ruining it. Start the hole so that it is 1/16” deep and once the hole has been started, remove the template and continue drilling.

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