Scanmaskin Ferox 300 Shot Blaster


Ferox 300 offers the most versatile and effective surface preparation system within its class. The blast width can be doubled by the addition of Ferox 300 (Extension Unit) thereby tremendously increasing the production capabilities of the standard unit, while still only requiring one operator.

The Modul 300 was uniquely designed with increased production capabilities housed in a mid-sized blaster, while utilizing our ScanDust dust collector (sold in a package). Compact dimensions and small footprint allow for easy maneuverability. The Ferox 300 shotblaster is a versatile machine that can be used on different kind of surface for different purposes. For example, you can prepare and clean surfaces, remove paint and epoxy, markings and rubber.

The smart “Travel Mode” feature prevents damage to dust skirt during transportation, loading and unloading and it is easily transportable to your jobsite. The long service life on consumables together with the simplified maintenance reduces operation and consumable costs