ProStar Asphalt



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Ideal for For Saws 35-48 HP

About the Pro Asphalt Blade:

The ProStar Asphalt Blade is designed for use on long runs, where speed and life are important. These blades come with a 4 stage undercut protection segments to keep the steel center from wearing out before the diamond.

Pro Tip:     An operator may often need to cut below the pavement to be able to free the slab for removal. However, running too deep below the material into the abrasive substrate will cause the steel core of the blade to wear before the diamond segments do, The Pro’s use a hacksaw blade to quickly determine if you are cutting below the slab. 

When sawing, watch for your coolant water disappearing through the cut, which indicates that you’ve cut through the slab. You can also feel the sand being picked up by the blade and thrown back at you. Adjust your blade depth and try to cut only 1/4″ through the slab. This is your optimum cutting depth. If you go any deeper you’ll expose the steel core to extreme wear and reduce the blade’s service life.
Custom Blades  We can make diamond blades or core bits for any aggregate region in Canada.

50+ HP

High HP Professional Concrete Saws

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