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3x HTC-593328901 S2 25 GRIT DOUBLE GOLD

3x HTC-593329001 S3 40 GRIT DOUBLE GREY

12x HTC-593329101 S4 80 GRIT DOUBLE BROWN

12x HTC-593329201 S5 150 GRIT DOUBLE BLACK

12x HTC-593330603 M0 10 GRIT SINGLE

1x HTC-593331004 T-REX GOLD B RING

15x HTC-593340201 M2 25 GRIT DOUBLE GOLD

9x HTC-593340301 M3 40 GRIT DOUBLE GREY

3x HTC-593340402 M4 80 GRIT SINGLE BROWN

12x HTC-593340501 M5 150 GRIT DOUBLE BLACK

3x HTC-593340701 H3 40 GRIT DOUBLE GREY

12x HTC-593340901 H5 150 GRIT DOUBLE BLACK

3x HTC-593341002 X2 25 GRIT SINGLE GOLD

12x HTC-593341301 X5 150 GRIT DOUBLE BLACK

18x HTC-593341302 X5 150 GRIT SINGLE BLACK

12x HTC-593341702 M1 16 GRIT SINGLE

9x HTC-593342504 11″ FENIX GREEN 3000 GRIT

12x HTC-593342704 11″ FENIX BROWN 80 GRIT

7x HTC-593342904 11″ FENIX BLACK 150 GRIT

5x HTC-593343104 11″ FENIX BLUE 200 GRIT

4x HTC-593648502 11″ TWISTER GREEN 3000 GRIT (SET OF 2)

2x HTC-593648902 11″ TWISTER WHITE 800 GRIT (SET OF 2)

9x HTC-593685603 9″ FENIX GREEN 3000 GRIT