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The first ever mobile grinding system

The HTC 2500 iX is the world’s largest grinding machine. The machine consists of 3 grinding heads with 15 kW motors that grind up to 2.4 metres in width. It’s the perfect machine for large areas that need to be grinded rapidly.

The machine is controlled with joysticks and, despite its size, is very easy to manoeuvre thanks to the articulated frame steering that provides an excellent swing radius. The driver sits in a cab with excellent visibility and has a clear control panel and a touch screen for all functionalities in front of him.  The driver’s cab is hydrobox-mounted, which insulates against all vibrations, ensuring the driver has a comfortable workday. The HTC 2500 iX has an integrated suction system that provides a good working environment, it is diesel-powered and has a particle filter so that it can be operated indoors without any problems. The grinding heads can easily be raised and lowered to make tool replacement easy and effective – EZchange of course!


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