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The Gladiator features alternating regular and Zig Zag segments for fast cutting of hard materials like natural stone, masonry and reinforced concrete.

The Cool Core design keeps the blade running cooler and straighter making the operator’s life a lot easier. No more fighting an overheated wobbly blade and chipping decorative edges. Gladiator gives sawyers professional results even novices who have never used a quick cut saw.

Gladiator has 12mm high segments with a high concentration of premium diamond in a fast-cutting bond. The diamonds stay sharp and keep cutting even in the harshest cutting conditions. Get quick and accurate cuts in stone, pavers, masonry and cured concrete.

Name Game: One of our employees in 2001 had a friend in the movie theatre business, who gave him a 10-foot wide x 20 foot long outside banner from the Gladiator movie. We decide to hang this huge banner in our warehouse. It was so outrageous, we were inspired to call our new blade Gladiator. Twenty years later, we’re now re-cycling this brand for this exceptional new product.