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9″ Silver Back

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GCT-9 Silverback

Power Requirements 120 volts 20 amps

Grinder – Metabo W24-230

Weight 70 lbs.

Required blade sizes:

7-9″ straight joints, 6-9″ crack chasing

Arbor size: 5/8″

Cutting Depth: Adjustable 2 3/8″ max

Vacuum Requirements – 256 CFM minimum

The Gorilla GCT 9″ Silverback joint clean-out saw was designed with every key feature needed in the concrete cutting and restoration business. The control handle that can rotate 90° to a blade that tilts 15° for making beveled cuts, or for cleaning out joints that are completely against the wall. The precision casters can be locked for straight cuts. Unlock them and make radius cuts. It’s the ideal saw for chasing cracks. The blade depth can be adjusted in seconds without any tools. The dual joint and crack chasing saw has excellent blade visibility, 4″ x 2″ wheels with sealed precision bearings, as well as heavy-duty swivel casters with spring-loaded locks. The Gorilla crack chaser also features a quick blade depth adjustment knob and is made from 1/4″ thick-welded steel – (no plastic). The one piece handle design gives you a solid feel while operating, and the 2″ dust port is excellent for attaching to a vacuum for ideal dust control.


Rear casters that can be locked for straight cuts and unlocked allowing the unit to swivel for crack chasing *Patent pending

Holds up to 3/8″ wide blade​

Powder coated finish

On / Off Switch

No wearable dust skirting

Adjust cutting depth in seconds

Blade wrench holder

2″ dust port for excellent dust control

Quick blade depth adjustment knob

Heavy duty swivel casters spring loaded locks

4X2″ wheels with sealed precision bearings


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