Dry Diamond Core Bits


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Our Zig Zag Core Bits feature Zig Zag laser-welded turbo segments and a special barrel with cooling slots and spiral grooves.

Some of the main applications for this tool include drilling for pipes or dryer vents in block or masonry walls. Due to the high concentration of diamond, you can expect a sharp and clean cut.

Undoubtedly, these core bits promote faster and cooler drilling in non-reinforced concrete block and masonry materials. They are meant to be used Dry with no water needed which makes for an easy clean-up.

The bit is 9” long with a 5/8-11” thread for use on an Angle Grinder.

Quality Level: Professional Grade

Wet/Dry: Dry use ONLY

Materials: Non-Reinforced Concrete/Brick/Block

Equipment: Angle Grinders

How to use Core Bits

  • Make sure you have the correct adaptors for the bits to fit your machine.
  • Before drilling, mark out the holes you plan on drilling and make sure that the area is clear. This reduces hazards when drilling through electrical and mechanical conduits.
  • Make sure your drilling equipment is functional. Ensure that the motor carriage will move smoothly on the mast. A loose carriage will prevent the bit from drilling deeper than 6”.


Tips & Tricks

If bit production does not resume after encountering concrete again. Stop drilling, lift the bit out of the cut, place a handful of sand in the middle of the core area and resume drilling. The sand will make its way to the face of the bit and will start re-exposing new diamond crystals, increasing the cutting speeds.


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