5″ & 7″ Dust Muzzle Dust Shroud


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Universal Fit on ALL Grinders

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 Dust Muzzle Ultra Plastic Shroud

The Dust Muzzle Ultra comes in two sizes. The 5″ fits all 4″-5″ grinders and the 8″ fits all 7″-8″ grinders.  This product provides a UNIVERSAL fit on ALL grinders.

Pro Tip:

Adjust the shroud and allow for a 1/8″ opening from the bottom of the shroud and the floor.

This allows for the proper opening so the vacuum can extract the dust.  Too little space results in “vacuum lock” and the operator will not be able to grind.  Too much of an opening will reduce air pressure and the dust will escape.  As the diamond cup wears, raise the shroud to maintain the same opening.

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