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John Bernat

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My name is John Bernat, founder and CEO of Star Diamond Tools. I have been a cement head since I was 5.  I worked in the family business and was familiar with the making, delivery and finishing of concrete, but never cutting it, until I went to work for my uncle.

The first time I saw a diamond blade cut I was hooked. The smell of a Wisconsin 65 cutting asphalt, had an intoxicating effect on me, and I have been a diamond tool junkie ever since.

I was in the business only a few days when I sold my first “dry” diamond blade.  The masonry contractors loved it. Before laser welding, high temperature silver solder was used to adhere the segments to the steel core.  I was glad when we were able to make laser welded blades which were much more reliable, but very expensive.  A 14” blade sold for over $400 and the quality was only a fraction of what today’s laser welded blades are.

I spent many hours working alongside pro sawing and drilling contractors and helped develop tools for the trade.   It was fun testing new blades and bits and fine tuning them to beat the competition.  In those days Cushion Cut, Truco, and Target were some of the companies to beat. It was exciting times, and being a diamond blade salesman was one of the best sales positions you could have in the construction trade.

About 10 years ago we expanded our business to include a complete line of equipment and we are now the largest privately owned distributor of diamond tools and related equipment in Canada.

One of our specialties is the collection and containment of harmful silica dust.  I even went back to school to become a certified Construction Safety Officer so I could educate my customers on this very important subject.

We love what we do, and it shows.  So if you are looking for great value and quality all backed up by exceptional customer service we invite you to give us a call.

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