Why Can't I Just Convert my Old Wedge Grinder Over?

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With ARA upon us and the continued success of our New WEDGELESS Grinder series, we continue to get asked time and time again by those pondering re-fleeting their classic grinders, "Why can't I just convert my old wedge style grinder to the new wedgeless design?" 

I've said and have heard others reply, "Because the old machine won't level" or "Because it's a complete redesign". Our replies, while short, sweet & accurate, are not all encompassing and not always convincing to a buyer. I'd like to take this moment on the heels of our recent RER Innovative Product Award for the Concrete Category to highlight the critical changes to the EDCO low rpm grinders. I ask each of you to take just an extra minute or two to review and discuss the below bullet points with prospective customers during your field visits or during one of the upcoming trade shows. Our chances of winning new business will greatly improve. 

#1) We didn't just change the accessory holding discs. We changed & improved the entire machine. We addressed many nuances that have been expressed to us over the past 50 years. 

#2) Yes, getting rid of the Wedge was of paramount importance to eliminate accessories from being loaded improperly and dislodging. We did this by introducing a magnetic holding plate for new trapezoid style tooling. This new style accessory holding plate allows for the introduction of new, modern accessories such as Dyma-Arrows, PCD's and a full range of single and double multi-grit diamond dots thus becoming a more usable tool for customizing applications. Accessories can be changed quickly and easily on the job site without the inconvenience of a wedge. We can really drill down to the customers needs for each specific job. 

#3) This new style plate allows the machine to operate with both the classic case style Dyma-Serts & StripSerts and the new trapezoid Dyma-Sliders. Because of the height difference in the old versus new tooling, the New Grinder has a leveling feature which allows tooling of various heights to be installed and sit level on the surface. Furthermore, converting to the new Dyma-Sliders eliminates the need for additional parts such as holding cases and their rubber inserts. Fewer parts rented out, thus less items getting lost by the customer and less items to stock on your shelf. An added bonus would be converting your TG-10 and TMC-7 turbo grinders to this new magnetic style plate thus streamlining all your grinder Accessories across your entire EDCO fleet. 

#4) The leveling feature provides 100% contact of the tooling onto the surface. Classic grinders had a tendency to wear tooling uneven until all tooling touched the surface. This level feature provides 100% contact of tooling from 1st installation thus providing a more productive, even grind. 

#5) The machine is more symmetrical and the optional side-mounted weight kits provide greater head pressure versus the classic grinders with front loaded weights. Side by Side, the new grinder out performs the classic grinder due to better weight distribution and improved head pressure. 

#6) How many times has a set of Dyma-Serts been returned with uneven wear due to customers operating the machine in the transport mode? We eliminated the two-position wheel carriage. No more grinding in transport mode thus longer life for your diamonds and better surfaces for the customer. 

#7) Adding the handle bar extension allows for easy job site maneuverability and a more ergonomic / comfortable operators stance.

 #7a) Just recently, we added a Lifting Bail as a standard feature on each machine for ease of loading & unloading at the rental yard or on the job site. 

#8) The new rubber skirt mounted with the water resistant velcro strip does not require any tooling for raising & lowering. Adjust the skirt accordingly for use with various height tooling or for maximizing your dust control when used with a VAC-200. 

#9) The six bearing grease points are now easily accessible with hole ports in the hood or just inside the rubber skirt. No more hidden top side bearings that missed being greased. 

#10) QRC, Quick Response Codes are added to each new grinder taking customers to a landing page where they can watch videos of the machine in action, obtain operational tips, learn how to choose accessories for their specific job and learn how to install those accessories. Real time training in the field for your customer and their staff. 

#11) It's and EDCO! A family run business with over 55 years serving the North American Rental Industry with quality American made craftsmanship, support & integrity. 

#12) Quite Simply... "Rental Tough!" 

So the next time you are asked about "Why can't I just convert my old grinder over?", take an extra 60 seconds and explain ALL the benefits of this new Innovative Award Winning product. I can tell you from personal experience, the quick answers above leave the customers still guessing if they should switch their fleet to the new style grinders, while the longer, more detailed sales approach highlighting the finer points of our New Grinders leave the customers wondering "WHEN WILL I SWITCH MY FLEET TO THESE NEW EDCO GRINDERS". 

I look forward to seeing each of you in Vegas or New Orleans. Have a great show season.

Tony Calcopietro
Sales Manager

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