Safe Use of Dry Cutting Diamond Saw Blades

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Always Inspect the Blade for damage before installing a new blade or a used blade.

Check the Arbor for correct size or for damage. The wrong arbor or a damaged arbor will affect the way the blade will fit on the saw and could result in personal injury.

Check the blade core to assure there is no cracking of the steel core at the gullets. Dispose of the blade if cracks appear in the core.

Check to assure that the width of the steel core is consistent throughout the blade. If it is thinner underneath the segments (undercut), dispose of the blade.

If there are any cracks in the diamond segments, dispose of the blade.

Inspect the Equipment for possible damage to the arbor, blade flange, threads or blade guard.

Assure the blade is the CORRECT blade for the material & equipment application.

Look for a directional rotational arrow on the blade and install it correctly on the saw.

Make sure the blade fits correctly and securely on the saw.

Wear proper safety equipment, glasses, respirator, ear plugs, etc. to operate.

To Cut first score a guide cut to approximately 1/8” depth.

Now cut ½” to 1” maximum depth per pass and let the blade run without load every 10 seconds to allow the blade to cool. This will result in a straight cut which will allow you to cut to full depth without the blade binding in the cut.

Do NOT plunge the blade and try to cut to full depth with one pass.

Do NOT force the blade to cut or slow down the speed of the blade.

ALWAYS refer to the equipment manufacturer’s operator’s guide for safety information.

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