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MAX CuredMAX Cured
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MAX Cured Concrete / Brick

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A Cost Effective Blade with Professional Performance. One of our top sellers, for good reason.  Exceptional life and performance in most concrete and masonry materials.  It cuts all types of construction materials like block, concrete, precast, concrete pipes, and brick.  A specialty formulated matrix that is fused directly onto the steel core using state of…

Carbide Demoliton Blade

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Rips through any material! This blade has a single row of permanently imbedded carbide chunks. Sharp jagged leading edges do the cutting. The small diameter blades are used on an angle grinder to remove joint sealant and caulking materials from expansion joints that are filled with any soft filler such as polyurethane or non-hardening epoxies. …

EDCO Crete-Planers™ 10″ CPU-10

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  • Parking deck and road repairs
  • Factory floor preparation or cleaning
  • Repairing mall floors

Porcelain / Ceramic Tile Blade Wet or Dry

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Titan – The Ultimate Tile Blade FAST and chip free cutting of the hardest porcelain & ceramic tiles The Ultimate Tile diamond blade for Porcelain, Granite, Marble and Ceramic. The perfect blade for the professional stone/tile installer who wants one blade for all applications. The specially formulated cobalt matrix also features a heavy concentration of diamond.  Fast and…

Slip On Double Dot Metal Bond

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Slip On Double Dot The Round segment design is popular in finer grit meshes before applying a thin coating, stain or during the polishing process. It helps minimize deep scratching and excessive gouging especially on uneven floors. It features a standard three hole trapezoid pattern and also slides into Lavina tool plates. Available in Soft,…

HTC 2500 iX Grinder / Polisher

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The first ever mobile grinding system  The HTC 2500 iX is the world’s largest grinding machine. The machine consists of 3 grinding heads with 15 kW motors that grind up to 2.4 metres in width. It’s the perfect machine for large areas that need to be grinded rapidly. The machine is controlled with joysticks and,…

EDCO 20″ Electric Scrubber

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Rugged, Easy to Use and Dependable. Wet Scrub and Dry Vacuum in ONE PASS 12 Gallon Solution Tank 15 Gallon Recovery Tank 3/4 hp Brush Motor / 220 RPM 1/2 hp 24 volt Vacuum Motor 65lb Scrubbing Pressure Pad holder with red scrubbing pads Squeegee width 30” Power Source 2-130 AH 12v Deep Cycle Lead/Acid…

Double Row Segmented Diamond Cup

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Long Life and Fast Grinding! A double row of diamond segments provides more surface contact with the material for a smoother finish and extended life. These cups feature a high diamond concentration segment on a balanced steel body for long wheel life. Available in 4″-7″ sizes with threaded or non-threaded arbors. Professional Grade Quality Wet or Dry Materials: Cured…

Diamond Blade Bushings

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Brass Blade bushings are precisely made to provide a secure press fit to the tool. Professional Grade Quality Equipment: Angle Grinder, High Speed Saws, Masonry Saws, Chop Saws, Low HP Saws, Tile & Stone Saws                   Questions or concerns? Volume discounts available! Feel free to call or email!